Monday, November 17, 2014

Rainbow Star Quilt Put to Use

I made this "baby quilt" a bit larger then your standard baby quilt but I don't think she minds the extra area to grow into. For now, it is a nice colorful, cleanable place she can hang out and explore on. Not even two weeks old and she already understands the joy of a quilt.  That is my girl!

Friday, November 14, 2014

A baby and a superhero.

I had a beautiful, healthy baby GIRL last week and have been loving life at home cuddled with my newborn on maternity leave. 
Seeing as we had our first snow last night, the quilts I made for her have already received a lot of love so that warms my heart.  
Our older daughter we have kept in daycare to keep her in her routine and give me some time to recover and bond with the baby. A note came home that this week is "superhero" week and today is dress like a superhero day. I am stuck in the house with a baby too young to take out shopping with me so I was forced to be resourceful and make her a cape with fabric leftovers. As you might know about me, i only quilt. I do not hem clothes, make curtains, or any other crafty things with my sewing machine. I just quilt. But my little girl needed a superhero outfit so I had no choice. My parents randomly came across a whole bolt of pink fabric recently. I can't explain it because they never gave me a backstory, they simply dropped off a giant bolt of pink one day. So i have a lot of projects ahead of me using this pink color, just to warn you. I decided to make a two layer cape. 
I simply freehanded a size and shape I thought would work. Then I went for a appliqu├ęd machine finished "G" with a circle. 
I used one of my daughters elastic headbands as the closure and just like that in only one naps time, I completed my little project. I gave it to her last night and she was thrilled. 
She ran around saying "superwoman!!!" Over and over. 
She wanted to fly so my husband has her up flying in no time. 
 Such a great Dad. 
She will be off to daycare in about an hour. I am hopjng she is still super excited about the cape I made her when leaving today. I am proud of myself for getting it done with a one week old baby next to me. I am also glad I did it yesterday as our newborn decided to boycott sleep last night and today I am completely exhausted and unable to focus enough to sew anything. In fact, I keep falling asleep just writing this. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I guess this is what nesting feels like for a quilter

I did it! I finished my rainbow stars quilt before the baby arrived!!! Today I am two weeks from my due date and I spent some time finishing up this cozy colorful quilt. I am so excited with how it looks!
I love each star individually. Many of the fabrics are used in other quilts I have made and have sentimental value to me. They each also took many many hours to make. I also started the blocks a few years ago when the Solstice Stars Quilt Along was going on over at Fresh Lemon Quilts. I added the blue star from one that Elizabeth at Don't Call Me Betsy had a tutorial for. At the time I started the blocks I had no idea what I would do with them. This was even before our first daughter was born. Now it seems
So perfect that I have worked on the stars for years and my second child will get to enjoy the results of his or her Mommy's efforts. 
Here they are without the sashing. 
This is my first paper pieced quilt. I love how precise the results are of paper piecing. The back of the quilt is a subtle star pale blue minky. It is so soft and cuddly. 
I am currently underneith this little quilt and I am getting so excited for our second child to enjoy it. As we dont know the gender of this baby headed our way, I went with rainbow and I am very happy about the colors. So cheerful. I can't believe I am going to have a baby any day now. I should be washing baby clothes and bottles but I choose to quilt. I did also manage to get the basinet out and linens washed so the baby has a place to sleep and quilts to cuddle under. 
Bring on the baby!!
I feel ready now that this quilt is complete. So exciting! I never thought I would get this done in time to enter it into's Bloggers Quilt Festival, but nesting is a powerful fuel and I finished it just in time. I am entering this into the ROYGBIV section celebrating bright colors and unknown baby gender all in one. Thanks for stopping by. The next picture of this quilt I hope will have our baby on it!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Six blocks make a quilt

The six rainbow stars blocks are completed with sashing and borders!
The quilt will be a little larger then I pictured and my minky stars backing is not large enough now so I have to decise if I will add some of the rainbow fabric to the back or run and pick up more.  

It will be a great size for a toddler bed as this baby gets older.
Good news is my husband is home from his business trip and I didnt go into labor (hoorah!!!) so now all is right in the world and this baby is welcome to show up when he or she is good and ready. The flowers were from one of my best friends during the week my husband was away, reminding me to relax and smile. I am thankful for all of my amazing friends who made sure to make me feel loved this last week. I am a little impressed with myself to have survived a week alone 9 months pregnant with a toddler. My daughter and I had fun but things are all so much better now that my husband is back!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Rainbow Star Quilt Making Progress!

I think I might get this quilt done before baby number two arrives!! I am two weeks and six days until my due date and while I should be washing baby clothes and setting up the dusty bassinet, I am making progress on the rainbow stars quilt. I decided to make each block a little larger with some white and color matching sashing. Hoping this makes the stars really pop. I went with polka dots, just because I like them.
I also picked a star blueish gray minky for the back. The rainbow print I am thiking of using as the binding. 
I pressed the seams open as I finished up the blue star. I like the way it turned out, but wow, that was a lot of work for one block. But that is how all six stars have gone. Many many hours each. I hope this becomes our baby's favorite quilt very soon!! It is really growing on me. 
Here they are all together. Playing around with the layout. 
I got started on the sashing for each block. I also realized that this must be how you make those fancy pillows sold at quilting stores. 
Red and orange done!!!
I hope to find more time this week to get the rest of the rainbow wrapped up! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blue block of the Rainbow Star Quilt

I forgot how tedious paper peicing really is. I just spent two hours on one 12" block. This is after two hours sunday night on the same ONE block! It is not finished yet. But I am close. 
  I have to trim all 8 of the triangles and sew them together but I am beat. Just finishing the triangles I came close to giving up on tonight. I took a break to come have the first bowl of the year of the most amazing ice cream on earth, available regionally here only in the fall. Warning people!!! This will change your life. 
Turkey Hill Pumpkin Pie ice cream is hands down the best ice cream I have ever eaten. That is a big statement for me as for a few years in high school I worked at a high end ice cream parlor and I am also a life long ice cream fanatic. This ice cream is unreal. That is all I can say about that. Go get some TODAY! 
There is a pile of waste and trimmings when doing a paper pieced block. I know it is all worth it as the final block will bebeautiful  but I am glad I am now done with the main blocks for the baby quilt. Tonight I will brainstorm layouts or how I will bring the six star blocks together. 

Good news is that I havent gone into labor yet. With my husband on a businesss trip for three more days and I am 3 weeks from my due date.... I have been stressed about getting through this week. I think I will make it. I certainly hope so!! I have a quilt to finish and more ice cream to eat people!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Rainbow Star Quilt

I am 3 weeks and 2 days from my due date and I really want to make our second child another quilt. I started the Solstice Stars blocks a few years ago never knowing what I would use them for. Now I know. They will be perfect for a gender neutral quilt for our new bundle of joy. Luckily I have a red, orange, yellow, green, and purple block already finished, all 12 inch blocks. I started on the blue final star today. I am using paper peicing again like the rest of the stars. It is so rewarding to use paper peicing because the results (if you really pay attention while sewing) are flawless! 
I have 8 of these triangles to make and today i finished three of them. 
My husband is away all this week for a business trip (I know I know, not great timing with the pending baby on the way) but I am hoping if I work on quilting this week in the evenings after our daughter goes to bed that it will help to keep my stress levels down and help to prevent me from going into labor with my husband hundreds of miles away. Plus, I would love to make this baby another handmade quilt. Maybe with some soft minky on the back (even though I keep swearing to stop using it because it moves so much while quilting, but there is nothing softer). I hope I can fit a stop at the fabric store into my week so I can find the perfect backing and binding and hustle  to get this done before the newest member of the family arrives. Wish me luck!