Thursday, April 17, 2014

Finished the baby girl blanket

I zipped through the binding of this blanket I made for my sweet friend who is having a baby girl in June. 
The green minky is so soft, just perfect to wrap a baby up in. 
I am happy I didn't cut this fabric up and went with a simple one piece of fabric "quilt". It is a blanket I would love to own and simple is sometimes better. 
Soft. Girly. Handmade. I think it is the perfect gift to bring to my friends "sprinkle" next weekend. That in addition to the cutest baby bathing suit I have ever seen!! 
Because your girlfriends are responsible to give your baby something friveless and fancy. She is having a summer baby so many cute baby swimming photos I am now expecting to receive. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Maine Vacation Quilt Top Finished

I put the boarders on my Maine vacation quilt and am pleased with the result!
I need to run to joAnns to pick up some batting so I can finish it up. I am so sad that my local quilt store has closed. How I will miss their terrific supply and excellent guidance. JoAnns is not even close. I guess I need to find out where the next closest quilting store is to me and make some new friends. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A quick blanket

Tonight I decided to finally use this beautiful piece of fabric I have been holding on to forever. It is girly and my very dear friend is having a baby girl in a few weeks. I had some light green minky for the back.  After looking at the front fabric for a few years, I never could bring myself to cut it up for a typical quilt. I think it is perfect for a baby blanket. One I would have been thrilled to receive had someone given it to me. I hope my friend enjoys it. I need to decide on the binding fabric..... Likely a solid green. It is my first no cut quilt, so I guess my first regular blanket (with a quilt sandwich). 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Back to Quilting at Home!

We moved my sewing machine to a different room farther from our daughters room so I can be a whole lot noisier while she is napping on the weekends. I am extremely excited about this!!
I have a great view of our front yard and just enough separation from the rest of the house to be able to quilt late at night too. My first hour of quilting at home in a long long time lead to this. 
So I am just about to put my daughter down for a nap. I do have to run to the store for a few things but hoping I will have enough time to sew something today too! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Quilt Week Last Day

This morning I checked out of the lovely "The Lancaster Bed and Breakfast" ( for some reason on my phone I can't hyperlink so here is their website I had such a nice stay. The two owners are terrific and they go out of their way to make sure you have a good time. The breakfasts were amazing. If you are ever in Lancaster city, this is THE place to stay!!!

I had another early morning class, today on invisible appliqué by Ami Simms. I am not a hand quilter but it was interesting to learn the method. It makes a beautiful product. Her teaching style is excellent, she won't let anyone fall behind. Not even the sweet woman who say next to me that must of had narcolepsy. She had extreme patience and was crystal clear on instruction. 
It was about three and a half hours and this is what I made.
The square got finished and the "U" not so much. Slow and steady. All about the technique. 

On my way home (I was quilted out and excited to go see my family) I did stop in bird-in-hand at a nice quilt shop called the log cabin. I didn't but anything because i started so many projects this week already. But fun to look. 
I ate a quick lunch at an Amish restaurant and high tailed it home to see my munchkin. Of course, I passed many horse and buggies on my way home. 

I had so much fun at quilt week. It is reinvigorating to spend three days with so many talented people who appreciate and understand the passion of quilting. I will share all of the things I bought very soon. For now I am happy to be home and have so much to tell my husband about the weekend, he is sure to indulge me in my excitement. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Quilt Week Day Two

I spent most of today in a class with the delightful Sally Schneider making this quilt (but in my own fabrics). She is a great teacher who comes with a lifetime of travel and experience. I enjoyed learning about her family, travels, and quilts. A truly sweet woman who goes out of her way to make her classes fun, achievable, and useful. 
The whole idea is floating different sized stars using sashing to make it all come together. She has a great tool that helps square up squares before pressing, saving a lot of time! I bought it and am excited to use it on future projects. 
The class was all day and I was happy with my progress. I managed to almost finish all the components so I just need to assemble at home. 
Above was as we got started. I was fully prepared and had all the components precut (unlike the class the day before that had no cutting instructions in advance). 
I am excited to use my Maine vacation fabrics! The lobsters are my favorite. 
The big blocks are Ohio stars. I got the above done before lunch. I ran over to lancaster's central market for lunch and had an empanadas, rice and beans, and freshly squeezed cane sugar extract from a nice Cuban guy. Then I indulged in a stop at the fractured prune, a donut shop where they fry the donuts to order!!!!  
If you are in Lancaster city, you MUST stop in!!!! I had strawberry shortcake donut and fluffernutter donut. Luckily it is a few blocks from the convention center so I walked a bit off to make me feel better about it. 
This is how far I got. Almost there!! I am excited to get this assembled! Then I was off to enjoy even more quilts. Here are again just a few. 
Hard to believe this is a quilt!! Stunning. 
There was a whole section of patriotic quilts. So well done. And moving. 
Makes me want to make a red white and blue quilt. 
I always think about making one around the Fourth of July, but I have never connoted to a project. I often think about a patriotic quilt hanging on a rocking chair on my wrap around porch in our old farmhouse. I guess I just like the mental image. 
There was a whole section for a specific Egyptian quilter and I loved all of his quilts. They are all appliquéd in layers. Love love love. 
I loved each of them. 
The above looks Irish to me a little. But below, completely Egyptian. 
They were all terrific. 
And just captivating. 
I was having so much fun looking at them that I was almost late to my night lecture by Ami Simms, a terrific speaker. She gave a two hour lecture and I laughter often and enjoyed every moment!! She has a great perspective and makes fun of herself even though she is an extremely talented quilter! She still pokes fun of her mistakes. I ended up going out with some of the ladies I met in the class and got to talk about one of my favorite things, the fun of quilting. And finding balance in your life to make time for my creative outlet. And to gush over how thoughtful my husband is to have given me this amazing gift. I am so lucky that he loves me. As I headed back to my B&b I noticed my trunk is running out of room. There are many many things I almost bought but refrained, although I know it doesn't look like it by looking at my trunk right now. 
Tomorrow I check out and have an early morning hand appliqué class. And then I head home to hug my little girl and tell my husband all about the fun I have had here, thanks to him. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quilt Week Day One

That was a long terrific day. 

It started with a class to make a king sized quilt. It was only a three hour class with no advance cutting instructions. So unfortunately much of the time was spent trying to cut. I did get a bunch of tiny half square triangles together so that was progress. 

The quilt is going to be terrific but after three hours I do not even have a single block assembled. I had a big pile of components and a bit of confusion. 
One day soon I hope to have a quilt made that is inspired by this one. I did manage to snap a picture with my talented (and famous on YouTube) teacher Charlote Angotti. 
Then I was off to walk the floor of the show. There was so much to take in. I must have taken 75 pictures of amazing quilts, so I will share a few of my favorites so far. 
This is a quilt I would love to own but will never have the courage to try making an art type quilt. 
I think this was my favorite!!! I loved the concept and everything about the excision. I sent this picture to my husband because it reminded me of him. Such a great idea!!
This one was swarmed with people all day so I could barely get close to take a picture. Stunning!!
Got to love a Celtic quilt!!!
Another that I could stare at for hours. 
This was more beautiful then a painting. There are no words. This quilter is insanely talented!!!

There were so many more worth showing but I had to stop for a snack. 
Then on to a quiltathon for charity for expectant moms at Lancaster General hospital that encourage them to take prenatal classes. We made strip quilts and it was a blast. 
Lucky for me i was picked for the piecing. They gave us strip pacjages and away we went. Mine turned out like this:
So rewarding to finish a quilt in one night. I also met the nicest woman while quilting, she owns a fabric store in Lancaster in the 300 block building. She was just lovely. I met so many great people today.

And my night ended with a cup of tea by the fire talking with one of the innkeepers. I didn't mention but I had the most delicious breakfast today. They made me a mango, kiwi, strawberry, basil salad, homemade chicken sausage , and holla French toast stuffed with a cheese banana filling and a strained reduced blackberry syrup. Along with strong coffee, orange juice, and cranberry juice. Such a fantastic start to a fun filled Sarah day. 

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!!