Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Some Progress - but slow!

I am making some progress on my "husband quilt". We have had two classes and already I am aware I'll not have time to finish all of this by Christmas. This quilt is a lot more complicated then I gave it credit for. But, the results are rewarding and I'm happy to be quilting again.
I do seem to be having problems with my measurements. I switched to a 1/4" seam allowance foot and having never used it before, I think it threw me off and my 1/4 inch became much larger then I'm used to doing. As you can see, the block isn't square and now I have to decide how much seam ripping I feel like doing. This is why I'm not a fan of this type of quilt - one where you have to be super exact - because I'm not a great cutter in the first place and there are SO MANY places on this quilt I can mess up the measurements. 

 I have twelve of these blocks to make, all with little squares and a star. The star is the hardest part. After much aggravation - I decided that if I measured after every seam the results were much better. It is just very time consuming!
 The stars all have to be sets of colors in a dark and light shade, so here is what I selected. I have cut all of them but only made six of the twelve stars so far.
I was supposed to get this all done by the last class. That just did not happen. But, I was relieved to find I was not alone - that several of the ladies in my class also didn't get them all done. Luckily, it doesn't stop us from working on new squares in the class. I just have to find time to work on quilting at home....with a baby .....who sleeps a few feet from my "sewing room"... I keep lugging everything down to the dining room table to work on late at night. But quilting a precise complicated quilt late at night is a failing proposition it turns out, ha ha.
 The stars are getting much better however, so I'm happy that at least I'm learning about flying geese and tiny little stars. This is so much harder than it looks!!
 My mother-in-law gave us a XXL bag of peanut M&M's for Easter. I found having that bag by my side, and watching The Amazing Race on my iPad - really helps me to focus on the tedious process of piecing this quilt. Perhaps "The Husband Quilt" won't be so great on my hips though...

I am getting better at this. In fact, the above grey star looks almost good!

Below are the two latest blocks. It took us our entire 3 hour class to make just two blocks. That is the story of this quilt. I changed the design of the bow tie block below based on the men's tie looking fabric. It just seemed to look better having the bow ties all meet in the center with a bulls eye effect. I really like it.
 The below block is much more complicated then it looks, but I'm happy we only had to make one of these. I'm not sure the results are worth all of the effort. I am thankful to have learned it and I have a deeper appreciation for quilts using this kind of block now. I am learning a lot in this class and will be excited to watch this quilt take shape.
I just realized that I have to take a quick break from this quilt because my cousin is pregnant and her baby shower is at the end of June. I really need to make her a quilt for her little boy. I'm excited to find some simple modern fabric. In fact, I might sneak away and instead of taking a lunch break today - I might run over to my local quilting store and see what they have for fun boy fabrics. Buying the fabric is the fun part! Finding the time to cut and quilt.... that is my forever challenge anymore.

At least I am back quilting finally. I missed this more than I realized. It is good for me to have a creative outlet and a peaceful project to work on, alone. Quilting is good for the soul, I believe.


mcgeee1 said...

This is a very interesting looking quilt! It may be difficult, but it might end up being your favorite.

Clipping Path said...

very glad to saw the making of quilt thanks for ur post