Monday, June 3, 2013

New Baby Boy Quilt - 26 days and counting!

I have twenty six days until my cousins baby shower and here is the progress I have made on the quilt for her first baby so far:
It is a boy!!!

I think she is a very stylish modern woman so I wanted to go elegant and sophisticated for a baby quilt for her son. Because she moved to California, I was inspired by the ocean colors and went with an all solids quilt top. I'm sure I'll find some fun print for the backing but I like an all solids quilt. Simple is always good.

So with the simple solid fabrics, I am leaning towards a chevron half square triangle quilt top. I've never made a half square triangle quilt and have always liked them. Maybe when I have all of the half square triangles cut and pressed I'll change my mind on the chevron part, but that is my general idea so far.

Now - if I can only find five minutes to cut fabric, press fabric, sew fabric, and get quilting - we would be golden! Did I mention, 26 days to go!!! Oh my........ I have a feeling this will be another all nighter quilt on June 28th....


amy said...

oooooh, that will be beautiful!!

Jessica E said...

Pretty colors! I love chevron quilts, I think they make for really fun baby quilts too

mcgeee1 said...

This is a really beautiful quilt with a design that will grow with the child. I just love the ocean colors and love the sentiments. This cousin must be very special.