Friday, July 5, 2013

ZERO Days to Spare and COMPLETED!

The night before the baby shower, I finished up this quilt. I am thrilled with how it turned out. I did the piecing of the front and back while on vacation in Maine. It turns out vacation is a great time for quilting! For a girl who loves the process but doesn't ever have time to devote to it, the hassle of packing up my sewing machine and remembering everything was well worth it. It certainly helps that my husband is such a proponent of my love for quilting. He was determined to let me spend some time doing what I love. He watched the baby while I zipped through the front and back. I am glad he convinced me to group the colors together - I like the way this turned out.
 We sure had a pretty view, too!
With the help of my Mom entertaining the baby the night before the baby shower, I managed to baste, quilt, and bind this quilt all in one night. I also washed and dried it, I like to give quilts "ready to use". Here is the morning of the baby shower with my sweet Momma holding the quilt for me.
 I did a pretty simple quilting - just on the white chevron, about six rows inside each white row. The geometric pattern it made on the back of the quilt turned out cool too.
And then I wrote up the following as I wrapped it up for one of my favorite people on earth, my sweet cousin.

With each stitch, we prayed for your son. We prayed for his future, the man he will someday become, and for the family he will someday have. May he find comfort under the quilt, play happily on top of the quilt, and drag it around for years to come. We love you. 

 She seemed to really like the design. I'm so happy I was able to make this for her. She is going to be such a wonderful Mom and this little boy is lucky to have her.
This is the best part of making quilts, the smile on the face of the recipient. I could hug her right now, too bad she is 2000 miles away at the moment. Maybe she is cuddled under the baby quilt right now as she counts down the days until we get to meet this little baby. Baby quilts are so fun!!!


Queenie Believe said...

That is a perfect baby boy quilt! You did a beautiful job!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

mcgeee1 said...

Whoa! Nothing like getting it done at the last minute! Nice job! :)