Saturday, March 15, 2014

Quilt Week Last Day

This morning I checked out of the lovely "The Lancaster Bed and Breakfast" ( for some reason on my phone I can't hyperlink so here is their website I had such a nice stay. The two owners are terrific and they go out of their way to make sure you have a good time. The breakfasts were amazing. If you are ever in Lancaster city, this is THE place to stay!!!

I had another early morning class, today on invisible appliqué by Ami Simms. I am not a hand quilter but it was interesting to learn the method. It makes a beautiful product. Her teaching style is excellent, she won't let anyone fall behind. Not even the sweet woman who say next to me that must of had narcolepsy. She had extreme patience and was crystal clear on instruction. 
It was about three and a half hours and this is what I made.
The square got finished and the "U" not so much. Slow and steady. All about the technique. 

On my way home (I was quilted out and excited to go see my family) I did stop in bird-in-hand at a nice quilt shop called the log cabin. I didn't but anything because i started so many projects this week already. But fun to look. 
I ate a quick lunch at an Amish restaurant and high tailed it home to see my munchkin. Of course, I passed many horse and buggies on my way home. 

I had so much fun at quilt week. It is reinvigorating to spend three days with so many talented people who appreciate and understand the passion of quilting. I will share all of the things I bought very soon. For now I am happy to be home and have so much to tell my husband about the weekend, he is sure to indulge me in my excitement. 

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mcgeee1 said...

Just love the quilt you did for this class. I can see why you got hooked on the seaside prints! (Next section of your blog. )